Why You Should Consider a Custom Car Wrap

Car wrapping has been a growing trend as newer paint job styles have been becoming more popular. To the common perception, it looks as though the only real reason someone would want to wrap their car is for a logo or other advertisement placement, however, there are a variety of additional reasons why someone might decide to wrap. Read on for a description of two wrap types and reasons why you should consider a custom vinyl wrap for your car.


Clear Vinyl Car Wraps

Many car customization shops provide a clear vinyl wrapping service to their clients for paint job protection. These types of wraps are made out of strong, yet transparent, vinyl that operates much like a smartphone screen protector. Any hazard that would have scratched your expensive paint job is absorbed by the vinyl, and your car is then left intact.

Many people opt for this type of custom car wrap because they are worth the investment. The money that you spend on the wrap easily covers the cost of the damages you would receive on your vehicle had you not purchased it.

Installing a clear vinyl wrap saves you money in the long run, gives you peace of mind, and is the best way to keep your vehicle’s exterior in excellent condition.

Colored or Special Finish Wraps

Colored wraps are perfect for people who like a little extra spontaneity in their lives. Very often when people get tired of their car and repaint it, or altogether buy new ones, the reality is that they’re actually just bored of the look of their old car. Instead, a custom colored wrap can add a fresh new look to the car you love so much, all for a much more affordable price than a new car or paint job.

Additionally, there is much less of a commitment to a colored wrap relative to a car or paint job replacement. Because they are so affordable, clients can interchange wraps biannually or seasonally to keep a fresh spin to their vehicle.

Similarly, special finish wraps provide a new aesthetic to a normal paint job. Some special finishes like brushed or carbon fiber can add a bit of flair to catch the eye of passersby, for a much more affordable price than a special finish paint job.


Why Should I Wrap Instead of Paint?

Well for starters, car wrapping is a much more cost-efficient way to customize your car, as a car wrap can be up to 50% less expensive to you.

Second, the nature of car wraps allows for more frequent alterations to your vehicle and more possibility for customizations; consider special finish wraps, decals, and personalized designs. Wraps are easily removed and replaced, as a real paint job can only occur a few times without altering the exterior dimensions of the vehicle.


Get a Custom Car Wrap in San Diego

Modern Image is a car customization shop based out of San Diego, CA. We wrap some of the most luxurious and exotic cars on the market and continue to impress our customers with our top of the line service and diligence in our work. If you are interested in custom wrapping your car with Modern Image, don’t hesitate to contact us.