Blackout & Tinting

Blackout & Tinting

From Chrome to Black

Many cars have a metal chrome finish to the exterior trim, grill, and headlight rings which can take away from the sleek look of a vehicle.

Black chrome updates the look of your vehicle by getting rid of the exterior chrome on your trim and side mirrors. Choose from Glossy, Satin, or Matte Black.

The process is easy.

It’s All About the Details

For a complete blackout look, our team can change multiple details of your car to match more than just the trim.

Tail Lights

Door Handles


Rear Appliques

Front Grill


Window Tinting

Once you’ve blacked out your vehicle, tie it all together with a light window tint for a modern, sleek look.

Tail Light Tinting

Applying tail light tinting adds a unique flare to your vehicle, and also adds protection to your vehicle as well. Our expert team at Modern Image can professionally install quality tint films to your tail lights, as well as fog lights, and headlights, which provide a level of headlight protection. Our tail light tint films come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so we can work with any car, truck, or van you have, regardless of make or model.

Modern Image only uses the best quality of transparent film to tint your tail-lights. We can use the film we use for your tail-lights, headlights, and fog-lights. The film is made of durable vinyl material that’s also very flexible to adjust to harsh road conditions. Adding lens film will increase the style and protection of your vehicle and complement any window tinting installed on your ride. At Modern Image, we’ll execute the job to perfection, making sure the lens is of a legal shade and is properly applied to prevent bubbling and any imperfections.

Durable - Lasts for years

Adds style to your vehicle

Adds extra lens protection from scratches

Lens film is Custom Shaped

Made to fit the exact shape of your lights

Expertly applied to last for years

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