5 Simple Methods of Car Exterior Protection

For most people, a car is a significant financial investment. More often than not, car owners want their vehicles to last them for a long time.

Although modern cars are built to last with improved quality and reliability, proper exterior protection can go a long way in extending your car’s lifespan. There is no shortage of common hazards that can damage your car’s paint job, along with its resale value.


What You Can Do to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

To make sure your car’s appearance is always at its best, there are multiple steps you can take to help protect your car’s exterior.


1. Keep It Clean

The simplest way to protect your car’s paint is keeping the exterior nice and clean. With continued use, dirt, grime, and other substances can sit on your vehicle exterior. The longer these substances sit on your car, the more damage they cause.

With that said, you can keep your car clean with regular washing (DIY or a car wash service). However, you can’t just wash your car with any detergent and call it a day. Don’t just use any cleaning agent (like dish detergent) and use a proper one instead (like a high-quality car wash chemical).



2. Wax Regularly

Waxing your car shields its paint from damage. Basically, the wax produces a barrier between the car paint and the elements – from the sun’s rays to harsh weather systems.

The best thing about applying wax is that you don’t have to do it as frequently as a car wash. Most experts agree that you should wax once every three months. You can apply the wax yourself or opt for a professional wax.

Some automated car wash services also offer a quick wax application, but it doesn’t last as long as a hand wax job.


3. Use Ceramic Coating

If you want the best-in-class exterior protection, it’s hard to go wrong with an automotive ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating acts as a protective layer similar to a wax application but designed to last much longer. The ceramic coating actually bonds to the paint and helps ward off dirt, moisture, and scratches. It boasts extreme temperature and scratch resistance.

Furthermore, ceramic coating also enhances the appearance of most cars.


4. Install a Clear Bra

A clear bra, or paint protection film, is another excellent method of car exterior protection.

A clear bra is a thermoplastic urethane film that provides superior protection against bugs, sap, and other common abrasion sources. This protection film is amazingly tough so your car is also protected from paint chips, debris, and scratches.

Another great thing about the clear bra is that it’s hardly noticeable, but provides a top-dollar shine.


5. Park in a Covered Structure

This sounds like a no-brainer, but many car owners still neglect to do this. Whenever you can, park your car under a covered structure with shade. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause your car paint to fade.

Parking in covered structures like your garage will also protect your car exterior from bird droppings and tree sap.


Preserve Your Car’s Beauty

That wraps up our guide for quick and easy car exterior protection. With these tips, you’ll ensure that your car paint gets the love and care that it needs to preserve its beauty (and resale value).