Clear Bra vs. Ceramic Coating

The quality of your paint job says everything about your car; it even says a lot about you as the owner. Take color; for example, a bright yellow is bold, unapologetic, and maybe even a little bit loud; a matte black finish is mysterious, stylish, and slick; and a shiny white is classic and practical. But the quality of your car’s paint and finish says even more about you as a car owner, which is why you should protect it as much as possible. 


Two standard methods of protection are clear bra and ceramic coating. If you’re curious about car paint protection, the differences between the two are sure to come up in conversation. While both options will provide excellent defense against the elements, it’s wise to consider the level and type of protection you’re seeking. If you don’t have the means to do both clear bra and a ceramic coating (which will provide the utmost level of protection there is to offer), you can always opt for one. Take a look at the differences between each and see why choosing one is better than having none.


Clear Bra

Clear bra is a paint protective film (also known as a PPF) that’s applied over your car’s paint. Unlike a ceramic coating, a clear bra is applied via a highly malleable adhesive lining and self-heals when it incurs damage from scratches. In other words, the clear bra lining fills in the gaps made by minor scratches, either automatically or with heat. You can also install clear bra over your fenders, lights, glass, and other areas that aren’t car paint. Full coverage will add a high gloss to your vehicle’s finish and protect it from larger debris and more noticeable scratches. Unfortunately, you can’t – and shouldn’t – apply clear bra at home. Professional, clear bra installation in San Diego is sure to give you the best results!



Because a clear bra is a lining applied with adhesive, it may lift or turn a yellowish color over time. The protective film incurs all the damage from UV’s, scratches, and chips for your car, and those things tend to add up. For the most effective clear bra treatment, you’ll want to consider ceramic coating in addition. We’ll talk about the positives of combining both treatments later. 

Close up of clear bra paint protection film installation on modern luxury car.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating binds to your car’s paint surface at the molecular level, creating a permanent bond to protect from all types of surface stains, including bird droppings, bug stains, and even oxidation. A ceramic coating protection layer will protect against minor scratches and will even make your surface dirt and water-resistant, giving it a consistent new car look for years to come. There are a few different types of ceramic coating, and you’ll want to decide which one is best to suit your needs. Most car owners with ceramic coating will pay to have it installed when the car is brand new for this exact reason. 


Like clear bra, you shouldn’t DIY ceramic coating at home, and you should seek out professional ceramic coating in San Diego if you’re interested. 



Ceramic coating will not protect your car against scratches, chips, and water spots. It retains most of the same properties as your car’s paint, but it can make it easier to buff out and remove scratches. Though there are many benefits to ceramic coating, it also requires a lot of upkeep. You’ll want to hand wash your car regularly (emphasis on “hand”); drive-thru car washes may be too harsh on the coating and paint and could damage your vehicle. You will also have fewer cleaning solutions to choose from and stick to less harsh solvents and chemicals. 


Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating Combo 

Clear bra and ceramic coating can increase the resale value of your vehicle by keeping it safe from scratches and chips, significantly improving the overall look. If you’re looking for the best car paint protection possible, a ceramic coating and clear bra combo will cover all your bases. A base layer of clear bra will give your vehicle the protection from scratches, chips, and environmental damage that it needs, plus the self-healing attribute that comes with it. Topping that off with ceramic coating will seal everything together, plus it gives your car a more attractive gloss with better ease of cleaning. If you have the means to get both layers of protection, it’s going to provide you with everything you’re looking for out of a paint protector. 


Get the Ultimate Paint Protection at Modern Image

Whether you drive a supercar or an SUV, paint protection can go a long way to maintain your car and keep it looking brand new. If you’re interested in paint protection, Modern Image has extensive experience dealing with clear bra and ceramic coating and can help determine what’s right for you. Contact us today to learn more!