Self Heal Plus

    FeynLab Self Heal Plus is ultra-glossy, providing your vehicle with a dramatically improved depth of shine. Self Heal Plus is by far the thickest car coating offered on the market, measuring up to 10 microns. Self Heal Plus provides your car with a healing effect involving nanoscale magnets on the end of ceramic chains. When these magnets are heated, they vibrate at a very high frequency and return to their original level, eliminating minor scrapes and dings.


    FeynLab Self Heal Lite is a single-component coating that provides roughly 60% of the healing ability of Self Heal Plus. Self Heal Lite is ultra-durable, extremely water repellent, and provides excellent UV protection for your vehicle. Self Heal Lite was developed with darker colored vehicles in mind, engineered to prevent and heal paint defects, sun-induced fading, and light scratches.

    Ceramic Coating

    FeynLab Ceramic is an ultra-high solids coating that covers your vehicle with a lattice structure of silica, silicon nitride, and silicon carbide. Ceramic coatings provide extreme temperature resistance, top-level scratch resistance, an ideal glossy appearance, and improved water repellency. Ceramic car coatings also provide UV protection and chemical resistance to protect your paint from fading.

    Specialty Ceramic Coating Options


    FeynLab TEXTILE is a water-based ceramic coating intended for car interiors and fabric convertible surfaces. TEXTILE is specifically developed for durability and provides car seats and fabric with protection from water, UV rays, pets, children, and everyday spills.


    FeynLab LEATHER is a water-based, ceramic leather treatment that provides long-lasting conditioning without the greasy feel or appearance of traditional leather treatment products.

    Wheel & Caliper

    FeynLab WHEEL & CALIPER is a ceramic coating that is specifically designed for the high-temperature environment that wheels and brake calipers are exposed to. The coating is extremely thick and durable, with over a 70% solids content.

    Auto Detailing Pro
    Auto Detailing Pro