5 Tips To Protect Your Car From The Summer Sun

Nothing looks worse than a car with a bad paint job. No matter how nice your rims are or how new a model you’re in, peeling, patchy paint can change the entire image of a car and its driver. Even seasoned car owners sometimes forget how easy it is to reach that point of an irreparable paint job. It could be as simple as moving into a house with street parking or even just getting too comfortable with the ease of driveway parking – a paint job can get ruined much easier than you think. 


If your car is vinyl wrapped or ceramic coating, you should know this struggle all too well. Even though you’ve spent the extra money to keep your vehicle protected, the daily upkeep doesn’t get any easier – if anything, it’s harder. Of course, these types of additional protection are meant to preserve your car’s factory finish in the long run, but you’ll want to keep some maintenance best practices in mind. That’s why we’re giving you all our best tips and tricks when it comes to protecting your car from the elements. 


As the season starts to warm up and San Diego locals prepare for lots of sun and dry heat, thinking about protection is never wrong. Here are five tips to protect your car from the harsh summer sun. 


1. Covered Parking

This should come as a no-brainer (we hope) for preventing exterior damage, which is why it’s placed at number one. If you’ve ever asked yourself the age-old question, “Can sun damage car paint?” The answer is absolutely and unequivocally, YES. Over time, sun exposure can break down the chemical compound of your car paint, causing it to flake or peel away. 


TIP: Stick to covered parking whenever possible. Hotter temperatures can make your car increasingly susceptible to the adverse effects of sun exposure. If you can’t opt-in for a fully enclosed garage space, try to park where you’ll have shade. 


2. Rinsing Off Salt

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, your car’s finish is especially susceptible to the combination of sunny skies and salty air. The salt can eat away at your car’s paint job at a much faster rate, leaving it rusted and sometimes irreparable. Vinyl and ceramic coating can help protect you in these scenarios, warding away the effects of salt for just a bit longer. However, you should try to wash your car with fresh water as frequently as possible.


TIP: If you’re a surfer, beach bum, or even just a beach resident, rinse off your car regularly. Proximity to the beach means your vehicle will naturally accumulate salt deposits through the air/ The less time salt spends on your car’s surface, the better. Try to clean or at least rinse with a freshwater hose about once a week to remove any residue build-up. 

Car with black cover on

3. Car Cover

Direct sunlight is your worst enemy if you’re wondering how to protect your car from the heat. Driving during the hotter summer months already wears down your car’s exterior, so you’ll want to protect it as best as possible when parked. 


TIP: If you don’t have access to a covered garage space, or you don’t have the time for a regular rinse, the least you can do is invest in a car cover. They’re easy to throw on and take off and provide an added layer of protection if your car spends a lot of time attracting sun on the asphalt. 


4. Paint Protection Film

This may not be the least expensive option, but it does the most for your vehicle’s exterior. Paint protective film acts as a line of defense against sun and water damage, scratches, and normal wear and tear. While it requires a certain degree of maintenance, proper care results in a longer-lasting and overall more robust finish that last years. 


TIP: Invest in ceramic pro or feynlab coating, as well as a paint protective film. The combination will protect you from a variety of environmental effects, including sun damage. 

Applying tinting foil on a car window in a auto service

5. Don’t forget about the interior

While we’re on the topic of summer, don’t forget to ask yourself how to protect leather car seats from the sun. Leather can crack and wear very quickly if exposed to sun and heat over a long period. While it is recommended as the most durable and attractive interior option, leather ages rapidly if it isn’t cared for properly. 


TIP: Always close convertible roofs when your car is parked, and use the A/C while driving. Invest where it matters and look into window tinting in San Diego. Less sun will lead to a longer-lasting and better-looking interior, which pays off quickly when you consider how much time you spend inside your car. 


Modern Image Can Help Protect Your Car From the Sun

If you’re looking for any and every way to protect your car from the Southern California heat this summer, Modern Image is here to find the best solution. From commercial vinyl wraps to Tesla paint protection, we do it all, and we work with our clients to find the solutions that fit their needs and budgets. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.