Mercedes Benz GLS 500 Matte Metallic Emerald Green Wrap

So you went to the dealership and couldn’t find the color you wanted… all they had were the basic colors that everyone has black, white, or silver. Luckily you can change that common color to something that reflects you in about a week, just by using a custom vinyl wrap. We completely changed the look of this Mercedes GLS 500 by covering the factory gloss silver paint job with Matte Metallic Emerald Green by Avery.


Going from Gloss Silver to a Matte Metallic Emerald Green Wrap

Selecting the right wrap is easy because of the wide range of colors and finishes available. Using Avery along with other brands like 3M, Arlon, Hexis, and Oracal we offer hundreds of car wrap possibilities for you to choose from.

One of the most important things to consider is the finish that you want. Each of these finishes offers different colors to choose from.



Gloss most closely resembles the same finish that cars have when they are freshly painted from the factory. Gloss finish comes in solid, metallic, and pearlescent colors.



This is the opposite of those factory finishes. They mute all the reflections into one blended reflection highlighting the body lines of the vehicle. They also are usually available with solid colors, metallics, and what is called aluminum (looks like a matte version of anodized metal).



A satin wrap should be halfway between gloss and matte finishes. They usually comes in solid colors and pearlescent colors.



Textured vinyl are what would be known as carbon, and brushed. They have limited colors, but the textures can create a good look.


What Color Do You Prefer for Your Vinyl Wrap?

We have books from manufacturers that you can browse through, as well as larger sample pieces of more common colors. When you stop by the shop we will go over exactly what you want covered. The basics are just covering the painted panels in a color. After that possibilities are endless with combining additional colors and finishes to trim pieces, mirrors, spoilers, and emblems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our vinyl wrap offerings.

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