Brushed Black Metallic vinyl on a Rolls Royce

Black cars have always had a great look about them. No matter what the make is, black is one of the most common colors you can get. So when you think about personalizing your black car, you don’t have to wrap the whole thing to get a great look. For this Rolls Royce Ghost, which is already elegant, we weren’t looking to change the color of the car. The reason the car came to the shop is be cause even though it looks great in black, the owner wanted something to make his stand out a bit more. Our idea was to add some brushed black metallic vinyl.


Brushed Black Metallic Works Great For Accents

Once we showed him the vinyl from 3M, he fell in love with the look of it. Brushed black metallic is a specialty film that has is textured finish mimicking the look of a brushed metal. With a similar appearance to the brushed stainless hood offered by Rolls Royce but closer in color to the rest of the car, it is a perfect paring. In addition to the hood we also combined brushed black metallic and satin black to tone down some of the chrome areas.


Blacking Out Limited Areas on This Rolls Royce

Common areas to black out with satin black vinyl are the window trim, the door handles, and other parts that come chrome from factory. As you can see from the picture above, not every little piece that was chrome got wrapped. On this Rolls Royce Ghost we covered the trim of the windows in satin black the door handles with Brushed black metallic, and the chrome piece at the rear with both. Using the material throughout the car helps to tie them all together creating a clean finished look.

Some other good options for wrapping accents in vinyl are either a different color brushed based on the color of your car or fiber wrap which has the appearance of carbon fiber. We often use carbon fiber wrap on sports cars because real carbon fiber is used to make cars lighter. We can also wrap the window trim in gloss black. When it comes to the window trim blackout it really depends on personal preference.


Customize Your Car

Here at Modern Image, we offer all kinds of customizations, including all colors and styles of vinyl wrap, for any car. Take a look at the gallery of images below that show our work on this Rolls Royce Ghost, and don’t hesitate to get in touch today and see what we can do for your vehicle.

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