Porsche GT3 with satin and gloss clear bra

A good friend of ours brought in his new Porsche GT3 to get it fully protected with Clear Bra. We have covered hundreds of Porsche 911s in the past, but usually in either all gloss or all satin. This is the first Carrera from Modern Image with satin and gloss clear bra. Of course, that was not enough, so we also added red accents to compliment factory red calipers.


Getting the Most Out of Combining Satin and Gloss Clear Bra on a Porsche GT3

Our first task was to determine how to combine the satin and gloss clear bra, or more importantly, what areas would be covered in satin and what areas would be gloss. Because we love how cars look with a satin clear bra we wanted it to be predominantly satin. The satin finish mutes many of the reflections and turns them into a sheen that makes the body lines more visible. When it came to where to put the gloss, we decided to cover the upper half from the window lines. The 911 already has a body line that runs through that area so it works well for a seam line.

When we protect cars with a full satin and gloss clear bra we try to minimize the seam lines as much as possible. In this case, we chose to cover where the two finishes came together with the red accent color. Coming from the window and sweeping into the intake area allowed us to tie in the red accents and cover the seam at the same time. We also added the red accents around the GT3 badging, the lower portion of the side mirrors, and finally, with a big “Porsche” logo on the rear wing.


Choosing Between Satin and Gloss Clear Bra

When it comes to getting your full vehicle protected with a clear bra you have options. Most commonly when paint protection is applied we use gloss clear bra. It gives your car a look as though nothing has been done to it while giving you peace of mind that there is a barrier of protection over all the paint. To change up the look of your car we can also protect with a satin clear bra. Satin and gloss clear bra both provide the same amount of paint protection with the only difference being the look. Gloss keeps the shiny look of brand new factory paint while satin maintains the factory color and shows off the body lines. Whether you choose all gloss, all satin, or a mix of satin and gloss clear bra for your car you can drive the back hills with confidence that you will be protected.

See the gallery below for the details of our modifications to this GT3, and reach out now to learn more about your paint protection options with Modern image.

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