What Are The Different Types of FEYNLAB® Coating?

There is no better feeling than driving your shiny new car home from the dealership, but how can you keep it looking that way? Ceramic coating is a car’s best friend and can help prevent dirt, salt, and weather from damaging your car’s paint. 

FEYNLAB® is a type of ceramic coating and the leader in paint protection. Let’s learn more about FEYNLAB®, the different types of FEYNLAB® coating, and how you can choose the best one for your needs. 

What is FEYNLAB® Coating?

FEYNLAB® is a brand of paint protection and the originator of the term “ceramic coating.” Today, you can find many brands that offer ceramic coating, but FEYNLAB® is the world leader in this technology. Whether you’re looking for self-healing coatings, ceramic coatings, or even polymeric cleaning, FEYNLAB® has you covered. The brand’s products include everything you need for exterior preparation, protection, and maintenance.

Modern Image is proud to be a FEYNLAB® authorized retailer. 
Now that you know more about FEYNLAB® and their products, let’s look at some of the most popular types of FEYNLAB® coatings.

The Different Types of FEYNLAB® Coating

FEYNLAB® has many different types of coating options and depending on your needs, we can help you find the perfect one. 

Here are some of the types of FEYNLAB® coating and paint protection:

FEYNLAB® Self Heal Plus

FEYNLAB® Self Heal Plus is one of the ceramic coating options we offer at Modern Image because it is the industry leader in keeping dark paint looking its best. The coating can self-heal and eliminate micro defects, and light swirls on your color with nanoscale magnet technology. 

FEYNLAB® Heal Lite

FEYNLAB® Heal Lite is a single-component, single-step coating with roughly 60% healing ability compared to Self Heal Plus. Heal Lite is ultra-durable, extremely hydrophobic and has excellent UV protection.

FEYNLAB® Ceramic Plus

FEYNLAB® Ceramic Plus combines the self-healing technology of Self Heal Plus with ultra-durable Ceramic technology, making it perfect for covering up light scratches and micro marring.  Ceramic Plus is also heat resistant, high gloss, hydrophobic, and easy to clean. 

FEYNLAB® Ceramic Ultra

While FEYNLAB® Ceramic Ultra isn’t self-healing, it is the most durable ceramic coating available. It’s flexible, scratch-resistant, glossy, and has magnificent hydrophobic properties. It’s also UV resistant and will protect your car’s paint from fading. 

FEYNLAB® Ceramic V2

FEYNLAB® Ceramic V2 is a thick ceramic coating for extreme durability and protection. It adds intense gloss, a UV and heat shield and will help protect your car’s paint from light marks. 

FEYNLAB® is truly a leader in the paint protection industry, and adequately choosing a FEYNLAB® coating will help keep your car looking as good as it did the day you drove it off the lot. 

How to Choose the Right FEYNLAB® Coating for You

There are many different types of FEYNLAB® coatings, and choosing the right one for your needs will help ensure that your car is looking its best. 


When choosing what ceramic coating product you’re using, the first thing to determine is if you plan to apply it yourself or have a professional do it. You can buy FEYNLAB® Ceramic Sealant and FEYNLAB® Ceramic Lite from their website directly, but the products we listed here are only for professional use. Because of that, you should contact your local FEYNLAB® authorized retailer to enjoy a professional application.


Next, you should determine what protection your car needs. We are located in Southern California, meaning most of our customers looking for FEYNLAB® ceramic coating in San Diego are concerned about UV protection. Because of this, we only carry products with the highest UV protection available. If you live in an area with lots of rain or snow, your protection needs will differ. 


Lastly, you should consider what look you want. All of the FEYNLAB® ceramic coating options will provide a high gloss, but some are glossier or thicker than others. Your FEYNLAB® technician can walk you through the different options, so you feel confident choosing the paint protection option that’s right for you. 

We know how important taking care of your car is to you, which is why we offer these top-of-the-line types of FEYNLAB® coatings. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect one for your car.