3 Benefits of Using a Car Vinyl Wrap

If you’ve recently spotted a sports car decked with a camouflage print or a chrome finish, there’s a good chance that is has a vinyl wrap. Custom car wraps have become increasingly popular with customers and the industry is rapidly growing with constant exposure on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

So why should you wrap your car instead of painting it? Read on to find out.


Advantages of Custom Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl wraps allow you to change the appearance of your vehicle without any long-term time or money commitment. Think of car wraps as a new outfit for your vehicle. If you are considering a custom car wrap in San Diego, here are some benefits that you can look forward to.



1. Retain Resale Value

Another noteworthy benefit of a car wrap is that you can remove them anytime you want. In the event that you remove the wrap, the paint remains in the same condition the day it was wrapped. In a way, vinyl wraps help preserve the quality and condition of your car’s paint. While vinyl wraps don’t offer the best in terms of paint protection from obstructions such as rocks or heavy scratching—this is a job better suited for ceramic coating or paint protection film—they do protect your vehicle’s paint from light obstructions such as weather and dust.

Maintaining the manufacturer original paint will keep the resale value intact. A repainted car drops in value because resale buyers don’t want permanent customizations done without their consent.


2. Unlimited Options to Choose From

People with custom cars go with vinyl wraps because of the unlimited color, finish, and design options they offer.

Pretty much any color of paint can be matched with vinyl. You can even find color-shifting wraps that change color depending on the way it catches the light. On top of that, you can add many different finishes such as matte, satin, gloss, chrome, and semi-gloss. You can even install a vinyl that imitates materials like stainless steel, leather, carbon fiber, and more. These options are available in a variety of combinations to make your vehicle’s exterior completely unique.


3. Minimal Downtime

A full paint job takes a lot of time and a lot of labor. If you check in your car for repainting to the complex scale as some vinyl wraps, it can take 2-6 weeks before the job is completed.

A vinyl wrap installation, however, has a much faster turnaround time. Installing a wrap can take as little as 1-3 weeks before completion. Not to mention when you want to take your wrap off and begin on a new one, the transition time is much quicker than a full repaint as well.


Is a Custom Car Wrap Right for You?

Whether it’s for the aesthetic or for practical purposes, there are many good reasons to wrap your car. Just make sure that you work with an auto modification shop that you can trust. Otherwise, you run the risk of paying too much or receiving an inferior product.

Contact us at Modern Image for help with a custom car wrap in San Diego as our experts can help answer any questions you may have.