Gloss vs. Satin vs. Matte Vehicle Wraps

Wrapping car body closeup with stretching glossy black film.

The finish on your car’s vinyl wrap plays a significant role in your overall look. It’s like the decorative icing on a professionally-made cake. Without the icing, your cake isn’t finished, and there’s still so much you can do to improve it.   Adding a vinyl wrap to your car can add color, pattern, and…

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How To Wash and Maintain A Wrapped Car

Investing in a vinyl wrap is a great way to protect your car and preserve your paint. It protects against scratches, severe weather, and even fading from the sun and excessive heat. Wrapping a supercar can elevate an already incredible paint job and increase the shine and water resistance to make it look even better.…

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6 Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

An employee installing a custom commercial vehicle wrap on a car.

Branded car wraps are an excellent way to promote your business, and they can look good, too. When you think of commercial vehicle wraps, you probably picture bright colors, covered windows, and phone numbers stretched across side doors. Still, if advertising that way isn’t your thing, there are numerous ways to promote your business using a…

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3 Benefits of Using a Car Vinyl Wrap

If you’ve recently spotted a sports car decked with a camouflage print or a chrome finish, there’s a good chance that is has a vinyl wrap. Custom car wraps have become increasingly popular with customers and the industry is rapidly growing with constant exposure on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. So why should you wrap…

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6 Types of Colored Vinyl Wraps You Can Put on Your Car

Whether it be to promote individuality or a business, colored car wraps are the perfect tool to make your message stand out. Tired of the manufacturer shade of your car? No problem, you can change that without the need for a new paint job. Do you want your vehicle to be noticeable among the millions…

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Why You Should Consider a Custom Car Wrap

Why You Should Consider Wrapping Your Car

Car wrapping has been a growing trend as newer paint job styles have been becoming more popular. To the common perception, it looks as though the only real reason someone would want to wrap their car is for a logo or other advertisement placement, however, there are a variety of additional reasons why someone might…

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Modern Image’s Premier Blackout Car Wrapping Service

Everybody wants his or her car to have its own custom touch. Instead of having some boring factory grey sedan, why not put your own personalized touch on it? These days, one of the most exciting trends is car wrapping. You probably see examples of this all the time. For example, many companies use car…

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