6 Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Branded car wraps are an excellent way to promote your business, and they can look good, too. When you think of commercial vehicle wraps, you probably picture bright colors, covered windows, and phone numbers stretched across side doors. Still, if advertising that way isn’t your thing, there are numerous ways to promote your business using a vinyl wrap. 


Let’s break it down and look at six benefits of adding a commercial vinyl wrap to your everyday vehicle:


1. A Good Vinyl Wrap Stands Out on the Road 

Research shows that millennials don’t respond to traditional advertising, so ads on TV and radio are likely to be ignored by a large portion of your customer base. Plus, compared to more aggressive ad types like the classic infomercial, car wraps draw some attention. You’re likely to see a commercial vinyl wrap on a semi or pickup truck, so the type of car you drive can also affect consumer reaction. More expensive cars with vinyl wraps are likely to draw some more attention.


2. More Impressions Means More Sales 

Depending on where you live, you might spend hours per day on the road. Anyone who has spent time living in LA knows that you’re likely to spend 30 minutes or more getting between neighborhoods, and you’ll probably pass thousands of cars on the way to your destination. That means thousands of people see your brand on their commute every day! 


Companies end up spending a considerable portion of their marketing budgets on online and print advertising, and the costs can get exceptionally high when you’re targeting thousands of daily impressions. If you spend time driving, you can feel confident that people notice your ads and your money is well-spent. 


3. People Don’t Feel Like They’re Being Attacked by Advertisements 

Commercial car graphics are a more subtle type of advertising, and passing drivers don’t have the option to look away from the road. Unlike TV and radio, you can’t change the channel or skip the ads, so your graphic has staying power. Plus, commercial vehicle wraps often give the impression you are running a local business. Research by Boston Consulting Group tells us that 41% of American consumers want to do more local shopping, so it can’t hurt to make your impressions locally! 


Car wrapping specialist wraps a commercial car with adhesive foil


4. Your Ads Aren’t Stationary 

Mobile advertising is guaranteed to reach a larger audience than other forms of marketing. Rather than have your print ad sitting in the same subway car or on a billboard at the same freeway exit, new people will see your vehicle every day. 


Parked outside of a Starbucks or entering a parking structure puts your ad in a brand new place with a brand new audience, reaching more impressionable consumers and making it the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising. Commercial vehicle wraps also work as signage outside of your gym, studio, or home office. 


5. One-Time Cost 

As opposed to running ad campaigns on TV, radio, social media, or Google, commercial vehicle wraps are a one-time cost. Ad campaigns usually charge based on a timeline or pay-per-click basis, so your marketing costs will run more over time, especially if you want to reach a large audience. But it might be more worthwhile to invest in a commercial car graphic if you believe consumers ignore your online ads.


Depending on how much coverage you want, your wrap is entirely customizable. You can choose a full-color look covering windows, doors, rearview windows, or stick with a more simple look and get a stripe and decal kit from Modern Image. 


6. Vinyl Wraps Protect Your Car 

Aside from the various marketing benefits you’ll get from commercially wrapping your car, vinyl wraps can also provide a protective barrier against the world. Chips and scratches in your car’s paint can be fixed easily for much less money, especially if your car has an expensive paint job. 


Repainting a vehicle can cost thousands of dollars and damage your vehicle in the long run if it’s done incorrectly. However, a good vinyl wrap job protects your car and keeps it looking new for years to come. 


Commercial Vehicle Wraps At Modern Image

Commercial car graphics are a great way to get more local brand awareness for your business. Whether you offer a service or sell a product, getting your logo on your vehicle can get you thousands of additional impressions per day, whose interest in your company comes in somewhat organically. 


Someone might see your car and remember they need a new trainer or dentist, then get on your website to find more information. Suppose you’re hesitant to put a vinyl wrap on your car based on wraps you’ve seen before. In that case, Modern Image has tons of unique and subtle designs, from matte lettering to small and sleek Instagram handles that might change your opinion on mobile advertising. Contact us to get a free quote on your commercial vehicle wrap!