6 Types of Colored Vinyl Wraps You Can Put on Your Car

Whether it be to promote individuality or a business, colored car wraps are the perfect tool to make your message stand out. Tired of the manufacturer shade of your car? No problem, you can change that without the need for a new paint job. Do you want your vehicle to be noticeable among the millions of others on the road? Have a message that needs to get out to the world? A custom car wrap can help with that as well. If you have never considered wrapping your vehicle, we are here to share with you six colored vinyl wrap options that may have you changing your mind.


What is a Car Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are adhesive-backed vinyl that is offered in an array of colors and finishes including, matte, satin, gloss, carbon fiber, brushed and other textures. Although the vinyl adheres to your car’s OEM paint job, it will protect the original paint from the elements. You can remove the film at any time, leaving the OEM paint job undamaged. One term used in the colored car wraps industry is self-healing vinyl. This term indicates that if the vinyl suffers any imperfections, nicks or scratches, applying heat to the area will soften the film and ‘heal’ itself, eliminating any marks or damage. 


Types of Car Wraps

We offer a large selection of colored vinyl wraps for you to choose from. Read on to find out how you can personalize your car with a new vinyl wrap.


Partial Wrap

Not entirely committed to covering your entire vehicle with a car wrap? Why not try out a partial one. This type of colored car wrap can be applied to just about any exposed area of your vehicle. Car owners have been known to wrap bumpers, doors, wing mirrors, the vehicle’s roof, bonnet, brakes, grill, even door handles. You can use the wrap as a transition between the original paint and the film or utilize the wrap to add a logo, or website info to your vehicle.


Color Switch Wrap


Tired of your car’s color? One advantage of using a car wrap is that you can change the shade of your vehicle without decreasing its market value. Without damaging the factory color of your vehicle, colored car wraps are applied and can be removed at any time, returning the vehicle to its original condition. The options for color and where you want the wrap used on your car are virtually endless. 3M, a leader in manufacturing colored wrap films, boasts over 100 shades, textures, and finishes with customization available. Your car, your choice. Keep it subtle or go dramatic. 


Full Wrap

If you are ready to go all-in, this vehicle wrap is ideal. Whether you want your car to stand out or as a promotional tool for your business, a full wrap is an answer. Covering your car bumper to bumper with a seamless wrap allows you the opportunity to fashion images and designs that make the most significant visual impact. You can even have 3D images printed on the vinyl. Although common for commercial vehicles, this wrap is often used on personal vehicles as well.


Blackout Car Wrap

This type of coverage goes a step further than a full wrap. A blackout car wrap will cover everything chrome on the exterior of your vehicle including the grill, rims, and door handles. Going with a blackout wrap your car can take on a look of mystique and sleekness.


Interior Wrap

The exterior isn’t the only part of a vehicle that can benefit from colored car wraps. Although wrapping the outside is quickly noticed, enhancing the interior can be equally impressive. From door handles to consoles, you can change up your car’s trim pieces, improving its appearance and maintaining its value.


Protective Wrap

Using colored car wraps to change the shade of your vehicle is one advantage of the vinyl. Protecting your car from the elements is another benefit of wrapping it. If you love the color of your vehicle, you can use a transparent protective film. Although not technically a colored film, this wrap is used for the sole purpose of protecting your vehicle’s finish. Since it is seamless like the other types of wraps, one will not be able to discern where it starts or stops. 


Get Your Car Wrapped by Modern Image

Vinyl car wraps are an exciting way to customize your car and give it a cool new look. If you’re interested in one of our many wrapping options, reach out now to find out more and get started with your colored vinyl wrap.