Commercial Window Tinting: Choosing the Right Tint for Your Business

There are two essential lighting needs for a business or office building: natural or artificial daylight and commercial window tint film. Fortunately for facilities persons and commercial interior designers, these two requirements pretty much go hand-in-hand. 


You see, most office buildings with large windows located in sunnier climates need tinting to filter out harsh, hot sunlight while still keeping a room well-lit. Commercial building window tinting covers many business needs, from temperature control to mirrored appearance, to light dimming. 


Window tinting also plays a significant role in energy efficiency. Commercial window tint film keeps the extreme temperature outside from getting in. When you run your A/C during the summer or winter, you’ll have more control over the internal temperature with tinted windows. That means less time running your A/C and more discounts on utilities. 


Another reason to consider high-quality business window tinting is to preserve your belongings. Your furniture can incur damage over time if it’s left in the sun or heat. Anything from leather office sofas to chairs and desks can fade and peel due to too much sun. Your electronics can even stop working if they are overloaded with exterior heat, and if your monitors are suffering from the indoor sun, how do you think your employees feel? 


If you’re considering commercial window tinting, Modern Image is a leader in professional Madicobrand tint installations for businesses in the San Diego area. These are our suggestions when picking the tint that’s right for you and your business. 


Think About Your Needs

What are you trying to accomplish by installing a window tint? A few considerations will be related to building location, climate, and layout. Offices located in warmer areas may need stronger tint to block out the UV rays and keep the sun out. Sites with extreme cold weather should invest in thicker glass and paneled windows, but tint can also help. If your windows are large and border desks and cubicles, stronger tinting is also recommended. 


Madicocomes in a variety of shades to accommodate any of your tinting needs. Charcool, like all Madicofilms, provides 99% blockage of UV rays and exceptional glare protection. In addition, it protects against extreme weather conditions and would be well-suited to a desert or cold-weather environment. 


How Much Light Do You Want?

If your commercial building relies on natural light from your windows, you may want to go with a lighter tint. Some commercial building window tint is much lighter and will allow natural light while maintaining its temperature control and UV blocking qualities. If you have large windows along the side of your building, your tint should brighten and invigorate your space without being overwhelming. LED lighting is often harsh, so utilizing natural light will be your best option whenever possible. 

Commercial building with reflective window tint.

Consider Your Exterior

What do you want your building to look like from the outside? Aesthetic should be a serious consideration for anyone tinting large windows or windows on the first floor. An office space should present itself just as well on the outside as it does on the inside. If your workers are sitting close to cubicles, you may want to consider a darker tint. This way, passersby and visitors won’t be able to see inside during the day. 


Some Madico tints are also made to create a mirrored effect on windows. You can apply this look to a first story or an entire building to improve its appearance and create an almost invisible illusion. 


Why Commercial Tinting?

Consider the reasons why window tinting is your best option when it comes to shade and privacy. A qualified installer like Modern Image can ensure a long-lasting product that won’t peel or wear. Maybe you’re considering other shade options like vertical blinds, but why should you block out the outside world if you don’t need to? Commercial window tint film gives you the best of both worlds.


Commercial window tinting will transform the look of your office space or building both inside and out. Whether you’re looking to save money on utility costs and improve your internal work environment, or you’re considering options when it comes to exterior renovations, Modern Image is your go-to licensed vendor and installer for all your tinting needs. 


Madico offers a wide variety of shades and looks that are sure to fit your needs. We can accommodate almost any need for tinting that eliminates the unsightly appearance of vertical blinds and sunshades, which can be costly and frustrating. The Modern Image team can even help you design logos and designs to install on the exterior of your building!


Set up a free consultation with a member of our team and find out what you can accomplish with commercial building window tinting.