Commercial Window Tinting: Choosing the Right Tint for Your Business

Commercial building with window tinting.

There are two essential lighting needs for a business or office building: natural or artificial daylight and commercial window tint film. Fortunately for facilities persons and commercial interior designers, these two requirements pretty much go hand-in-hand.    You see, most office buildings with large windows located in sunnier climates need tinting to filter out harsh,…

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Why Commercial Window Tinting Can Be Beneficial to Your Building

Commercial window tinting is one of the best ways to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your office. Through window tinting, you can reduce 85% of heat from the sun—perfect for sunny, warm climates such as San Diego. Not only that, it rejects 99% of ultraviolet light blocking the preventing sun damage both to…

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Everything You Need to Know About Window Tints

Everybody has his or her own reason for wanting window tints. They offer so many different features. For some people, it’s increased privacy. For others, it’s taking advantage of reduced expose to UV rays lowering the car temperature. While other people are looking to protect the lifespan and look of their vehicle. This guide will…

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