Why Commercial Window Tinting Can Be Beneficial to Your Building

Commercial window tinting is one of the best ways to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your office. Through window tinting, you can reduce 85% of heat from the sun—perfect for sunny, warm climates such as San Diego. Not only that, it rejects 99% of ultraviolet light blocking the preventing sun damage both to skin and furniture and materials around the office. Finally, it can reduce glare by over 90%. This is just the beginning.


Advantages of Commercial Building Window Tinting

Here are some of the other ways commercial window tinting in San Diego can improve your office environment.


Find the Perfect Film for Your Needs

There are so many great commercial window tinting films out on the market that you can find one that perfectly fits your needs. One of the advantages many offices enjoy is that tinting windows allows you to have privacy during the daytime without needing to pull down curtains or blinds. This creates a better working environment for people particularly if you work in a busy part of town where people are constantly walking by.


Commercial Window Tinting is Cost Effective

Outside of salaries, one of the most expensive business operation costs is energy. Commercial window tint film can help lower energy costs by making reducing inside temperatures by between 10 and 15 degrees through filtering the sunlight through them. This will significantly decrease your air conditioning costs creating an immediate return on investment. They likewise provide an excellent additional layer to prevent heat from escaping in winter months.


Maintain a More Comfortable Work Environment

Too much sunlight can create a large range of problems. Between glare, hot spots and temperature fluctuations, it can reduce comfort levels significantly which impacts productivity. At the end of the day, it’s important to keep your employees, clients, or shoppers comfortable and commercial building window tinting is an easy way to do just that. They block glare and heat no matter what season it is.


Increase Safety and Security

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of any building. They are an easy target for criminals to damage and sometimes use to break in. You can select a commercial window tint that specifically is designed for safety. These versions hold glass windows in place even after they have been damaged. This helps to reduce the chances of property damage along with personal injury.


Create a Better Environment with Commercial Window Tinting in San Diego

Commercial window tinting has so many advantages. With it, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on your energy bills. Not only that, you can reduce annoying glare and other things that cause discomfort. Finally, you can increase the security of your building by providing an additional layer of protection for your windows.

Whether you’re looking for window tints for your car or your commercial building, at Modern Image, we are your window tinting experts. We can help you choose the best film for your needs and get it installed in no time at all so that you can enjoy these many advantages.